Invest13 2.0 – My Blog Reborn

Invest13’s Origin Story

On the 3rd of February, 2017, I was introduced to the word “blog.” I had no idea what that meant. I think I had to Google it.

On the 21st of February, 2017, I bought my blog’s domain name,

Needless to say, I apparently didn’t hesitate for very long before just jumping all the way in! 😀

I did pretty well for the first few months, and published six blog posts, designed the site, and filled in all the necessary pages (About, Resources, Contact, etc).

But then after that, I messed up. Big time. I just… stopped posting…? From a purely numbers standpoint, it is one of the biggest and most embarrassing fails ever. Six blog posts in two years???

Though from an experience standpoint, I’ve hit a gold mine (and successfully mined the gold) – and I’m really excited!

All things considered, I think I give myself [★★★★✰] for effort, initial success, the fact I bought a domain and didn’t start with a free one, and that I even tried blogging in the first place (considering how little I knew). I’m proud of my 13-year-old self. Sure, I did pretty badly, but the fact I tried is huge – that was one of the biggest things I was struggling with as a self-taught entrepreneur (finding a business idea and just going with it).

What I’ve learned:

Over two years, here’s what I’ve learned.

  • The #1 Key to Success is… stupidly simple: Consistency.
  • Don’t strive for perfection – you’ll never get there.
  • Don’t feel ashamed for not having the perfect design or blog (looking back, the design wasn’t bad at all. I’m not sure why I was bothered by it and never wanted to tell anyone about my blog).
  • Join the Rockstar Forums. They’re amazing.
  • Make a thorough plan, and identify your “Why.”


The biggest thing I missed when I started was the importance of consistency. No matter how big or small the effort, as long as you are putting a bit of work in every day, it will make a huge impact. Man oh man, how I wish I knew that when I started.

The second biggest mistake(s) was striving for perfection, and unless everything was perfect, I didn’t want to announce the blog’s existence. Sigh, only me.😂

Lastly, two other important items are (A) Accountability of some sort, and (B) Making a detailed plan before I started, so I’d have a couple weeks (or even months) worth of content to work with. Those last two would have been very helpful.

What’s so awesome, though, is this:

Yeah, I “failed,” but I’ve learned the lessons. Now, not only can I apply it to the future businesses and hobbies I want to master (and cut out a lot of mistakes and pain), but I can just hand others a sheet with two years worth of mistakes that they don’t have to figure out the hard way. They’ll thank me later. 😀

The New Beginning

What’s just as important as learning the lessons above is actually putting them to work. An even bigger mistake would be to just mention them and shrug it off. Going forward, here’s what will be happening with Invest13:

  • I’ll be posting at least once a week (this will probably change because I’m not sure what I want my posting to schedule to look like. At the very least, I’ll be posting consistently).
  • I’ll be engaging with my fellow FI bloggers more proactively through Twitter and the Rockstar Forums (I already read almost daily on both platforms, but I’m paranoid about leaving stupid comments – half the time I’ll post a “comment” in my head without actually doing it 🤔).
  • I’ll be brainstorming for other types of content as well (I’d really love to start a podcast, interview series, Youtube channel, or other type of content to go along with blog posts (especially with all the cool people I’ll be meeting at seminars like #FinCon2019!).


The gist of this “blog post” is mainly to be an inspirational piece to launch Invest13 2.0 and to solidify the lessons I’ve learned into my own noggin’. Also, it prevents me from just quitting and silently deleting the site and acting like nothing ever happened. That would be awful. So it’s also playing an accountability role, and it’ll be a lot harder to procrastinate.

Here goes.

I’m hitting publish.


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