This is not quite on the educational side, but there is always a time to have fun :-). Here are some money games you can download on your mobile device.

Adventure Capitlist is an interesting game. I have had it for a while and have almost completed “Earth.” Lol, for more specifics, you can look at this video: (video not completed yet)

Egg, inc. is a very similar game to Adventure Capitlist, except you have a chicken farm. The higher your farm value, the more kinds of eggs you unlock. Each new type of egg is more valuable then the last. Pretty fun game.

Landlord is a real estate game. You need to activate location on your device for this one though. Once it’s connected to the internet and location, you can do some pretty cool stuff. It lets you go into the “market” tab and you can bid on properties people are selling. Under the “buy properties” tab, you can buy real estate from around your town or city. That’s a really cool feature. You build up your portfolio, collect rent, sell and buy properties, and build your empire!

Those are only a few, but if you search the app store you can find quite a few different ones. If you know of any good ones, I would love to try them out. Just email me at tdturn3 at gmail dot com.

Board Games:

Some good ones I know of are:

Monopoly: I’m pretty sure most people have played this game, or at least heard of it. Though if you haven’t, here is a quick sum up. It’s a real estate game, and you start off with a certain amount of money. You go around the board, buying properties. Whenever some one lands on your property, they pay you rent and when you land on theirs, you pay them rent. Get as many properties as you can, and make the other players go bankrupt.

Cashflow 101: It’s a very well rated game, but unfortunatley I haven’t played it myself, though I want too. Since I don’t have enough knowledge to review it, I can’t review it but you can look at it here (there is also an adult version).