A Fresh Start, and a Rebrand

It’s about a week post #FinCon19, “Where money and media meet.” I absolutely LOVED the event! I’ve made so many great connections and gotten to meet people like Wealthy Doc, Jonathan from Joney Talks!, J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy, ESI Money, and Grant Sabatier from Millennial Money.

If you’re interested in learning more about FinCon, just as an FYI #FinCon2020 will be held in Long Beach California. You can also check out my FinCon 2019 review here (review coming).

A Little History

Roughly two or three days into #FinCon19, one evening, when Dad and I got back to our hotel, the subject of a rebrand was brought up. We started doing a little research and seeing which domain names would be available.

For the first two years of my blogging career, my blog was called Invest13. I had picked that name because 1. I was 13 when I started blogging, and 2. I was a total money nerd and huge into investing (and still am!).

While Invest13 was a fine name, it could’ve been better. The difficulties I ran into (particularly at FinCon when I was introducing myself) was that the name didn’t exactly make sense. What did I blog about exactly? What did the 13 mean? Was my blog just about investing?

In-person I could explain the two prior points and then it would make sense, but for the average person who stumbles upon the blog on their own and sees the name “Invest13” it won’t quite make sense unless they do some digging around on the site.

The New Brand

Thus, I decided (with tons of help from Dad!), to rebrand to GenZMoney. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to procure genzmoney.com so I had to settle for genzmoney.co (though we are in the works of trying to buy the .com domain).

The reason I chose GenZMoney is that the name says it all – A blog about money, for my generation (highschoolers and college students). Plus, not only is it a little more professional, but choosing to include a broader term like “money” in the name rather than something too specific like “invest” allows me to easily blog on a broad range of topics that interest me and my generation.

Things like personal finance, side hustles, investing, online businesses, and especially for me, crypto. 😉


So that’s my quick update! Welcome to my new blog, GenZMoney. I hope I can provide massive value for as many people as I can, impact my generation for the better, and make financial education fun for my peers.

Interested in learning more about GenZMoney? Check out the About page here, or this post here to see what you can expect from GenZMoney going forward, my posting schedule, and the topics I’ll cover here.

See y’all in the next post! Thank you so, so much for reading. I really appreciate it.

– Terry

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